Clients have shared their experiences with Transformational Coaching Sessions, Akashic Records Clearing or Energy Healing Sessions and more.


"Wow, What an experience!  My private session brought me so much information and a better understanding of who I am and why I'm here.  I've been able to use this information in my daily life and when I get stuck or caught up in the drama around me, I take a deep breath and re-center in that place of divine peace."   

From DY in South Carolina

"I have been working with her for a year and a half.  Her intuitive sense of any situation is always spot on.  She not only clears energy but helps you to find ways to clear yourself.  My spiritual path has progressed two-fold since working with her.  This describes her amazing services and what they have done for me!"

From TZ in Illinois

"She first did some clearing on me, an over the next day I had a wonderful sensation life everything was going to be ok.  A sense of "well-being' flowed through me.  I was very relaxed and able to deal with problems at work and at home with very little tension or anxiety." 

From RH in South Carolina

"I slept very well that night; by the next day I felt a huge void inside of me. It felt very odd.  Gradually that feeling left and from that point on I have felt very peaceful, filled with love, open to love and the possibility of a future relationship." 

From NS in Ohio

"The Akashic record clearing has been an amazing experience.  Did the clearing for my husband and son too and we finally feel like a family with love.  Judgments and negativity have been cleared.  We live in the now and not thinking of past events anymore.  Loving every day now with a really light heart and having direction feels wonderful.  A big difference in my husband who is learning to let go and live life.  Thank you, you have been wonderful." 

From SG in Australia

"I found my sessions very helpful.  I always felt so much better (lighter) after the session as she helped me to find understanding and clarity in my life.  I am very grateful to have found this very talented person who has a gift that she shares so willingly with everyone." 

From KT in Iowa

"Her abilities to intuitively see, hear and feel energy are amazing.  She has helped me to clear out so many blocks in my life such as career, relationships and health and given me tools to work with on my own." 

From JS in Evanston, IL

“I had the opportunity to do a Spirit Guided session.  My problem was in the area of Fear of Failure. I am in sales and also facing challenges in my life where this was keeping me back. We spent time going back to find out where this first showed up. I must tell you here that I didn’t even believe it would happen because I didn’t think we had previous lives. Well, I was wrong, we do! I can remember every detail of it today even to the color of my hair.”


“In guiding me back, I discovered that I was a small boy with a heavy responsibility and, due to circumstances I couldn’t control. It was my perception that I failed at a very, very important mission. This was unrealistic because I was a boy and not capable at that age to accomplish the task. That belief of failure carried all the way to this present life. Thankfully she cleared it, and that was remarkable in itself.”


“I am sure everyone would definitely benefit from having this guided session in order to keep moving forward on this present journey. She is remarkable in her skill and with her gift.”

From ND in South Carolina

"Thanks for all you did for us this week.  My wife and daughter enjoyed it as much as I did.  As for me, well I've been feeling very good this week.  Much more positive, upbeat, focused and ready to tackle anything that comes my way... with enthusiasm.  One thing I found odd this week... is that I have been hugged by co-workers (ladies) 4 times this week.  That makes a total of 4 hugs in the last 5 yrs. I've worked here.  LOL  And they all occurred this week I haven't done anything different, just walk into work and they're glad to see me and I get a hug!!  Crazy!!"

From BH in California