Privacy Policy

My work is listed as for entertainment purposes.  I do maintain strict confidentiality code ethically and morally.  No person shall be able to contact me for information about any session, nor will I share information about my clients outside of a session or reading provided there is no admission of suicide plans or a crime.

Clients are completely responsible for their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual decisions, choices, well-being and actions.  Working with Spiritual Endeavors, LLC or obtaining readings is in no way a substitution for

medical, mental, financial or legal advice.  It is understood that should you need medical, mental, financial or legal advice a professional should be consulted for such.


Receiving services from me does not serve as a diagnose, cure or treat for any medical, mental, financial or legal situation.  It is understood that as a client you agree to divulge to your medical, mental, financial or legal advisor any situation requiring professional advice.  Any client under the care of a mental health professional shall divulge to them they are engaged in Coaching.

Client is in full agreement upon use of services that they acknowledge, agree and confirm these services are not designed for medical, psychological, therapy, financial or legal advice or for any other purposes other than entertainment.