My Philosophy 

Although I had a huge awakening in 2001 I found in June 2021, 20 years later, I started a deeper movement inward.  I had a clear knowing that the direction of my work and my life purpose and path was about to change in a bigger way.  I AM headed in that direction.  In my awakening in 2001 I was interested in learning tarot but was diverted towards Akashic Record work.  That lead me to all my abilities opening up.  20 years later I felt very compelled to take what abilities I already had in doing soul readings and learn tarot to add to those readings.  Then I was guided to start a YouTube channel.

For years I was conflicted on how Fate/Destiny and Freedom of Choice existed together.  During this deeper introspection and understanding that has come to light for me.  I now have a clear awareness of exactly what Destiny is and how it plays out in our lives.  It has, throughout most of the last 20 years, been my understanding that our emotions are the key to freeing ourselves to being the highest potential of our souls.  That our beliefs and perceptions are created not only by our experiences but by the emotional weight of those experiences.  Often by the wounding of those experiences and the unresolved emotions.  These beliefs, perceptions and unresolved emotions I feel create the resistance we experience in the path to becoming our highest potentials.

When we decide what we want to learn, before this life, while creating a plan we choose particular goals.  My awareness at this time is now that we plan some specific outcomes.  This is what I would call Destiny.  In our actual illusion of the life we are experiencing we are guided to the Destiny, however, in our veiled state we have freedom of choice.  My awareness is that our Angelic Guides & Guardian Angel will keep redirecting us to our Destiny.  We will have many times we come to crossroads and have the option of taking the direct road to Destiny.  These roads will likely present our most challenging things to overcome.  These choices will ultimately be the most beneficial choices in our soul evolution.  These choices often cause resistance because our current beliefs stand in the way of us moving towards our highest potentials.

It has always felt accurate to me in my healing work that the best choices are to look deep within and ask ourselves why do I resist? What emotions am I dealing with that are so deep seated that I do not want to look in that direction?  What would happen if I could perceive a different way of seeing an experience that is so far outside of my reality?

So, it has been and continues to be my desire and intention to help people conquer their fears and delve deeper into their emotions.  To find where the emotions are stuck within their energy fields.  Teach tools so they can do this on their own which empowers them but also be a source when they get stuck.  This all allows for healing to occur, for forgiveness of self and others to be created and for the deepest of self-love and self-actualization to take place.  This truly in my view is the greatest life purpose of us all.  Through this process we realize who we are as Divine Beings and that God/Source/Creator, whatever your preference to call it, is within us not outside of us.  Therefore, we all are one with the Creator, each other and all existence.